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FITODO Resistance Band 13-Set

  • FITODO Resistance Band 13-Set
  • FITODO Resistance Band 13-Set
  • FITODO Resistance Band 13-Set
  • FITODO Resistance Band 13-Set

FITODO Resistance Band 13-Set

  • Item No.: TD007R-8
  • Description : FITODO Resistance Band 13-Set
 13-SETS.Come with a 33-page real book,Door Anchor,Ankle Strap,Foam Handle,Extra Strap,and 5-Resistance Tubes,Carry Bag.

Perfect workout for whole body muscle and strength exercise,more than 100 kinds of exercise which covers all parts of your body,and also,you can take it easily to travel,do exercise any time anywhere.

Highest quality latex resistance tube and accessories make possible of long last use and high intensity exercise as you want.

New-designed sets.New designed joint,Thick-raised metal button,
Reinforced handle,Added extra nylon belt and Upgraded door anchor,those 5-upgrade improved convenient,intensity and life of the bands set.

Wider range of resistance from 5 LBS to 75 LBS,with attachable soft-grip handles and ankle straps,you can do freedom exercise workout you want.

1.Product Name:Resistance Bands Set with Real Book and Carry Bag.
2.Five PCS Fitness Tubes of different levels:
Yellow (X
-Light) : 5 lbs
Green (Light) : 10 lbs
Red (Medium) : 15 lbs
Blue (Heavy) : 20 lbs
Black (X
-Heavy) : 25 lbs
Strengthen your different part muscle of the body with this resistance bands ranging from 5 LBS to 75 LBS.
5.Exercise Muscle Group,more than 100 kinds of exercise,come with real book instruction: Arm exercise
,Shoulders exercise,Back exercise,Biceps exercise,
Triceps exercise,Chest exercise,Abdomen exercise,Legs exercise.
6.Great portable workouts for exercise anytime anywhere,limitless workout possibilities.
7.Fulfill your different kinds of fitness exercise,easy to combine and store.


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